Prefabricated Glass Parts

Value Added Services

Auto Temp is a leading source of prefabricated glass parts, serving customers who demand precision, a wide variety of glass applications and rapid turnaround times – all at the best price.


Custom-designed laminated glass parts from Auto Temp add rigidity and strength to equipment and vehicles. Our resources, with respect to the lamination process, result in clear visibility comparable to normal green glass and offer superior penetration resistance, lower risk of injury after a break and excellent deflection of UV radiation.


Auto Temp’s encapsulation process can be utilized on complex or simple assemblies with close tolerances. The resulting prefabricated parts effectively seal out moisture, can include a wide variety of hardware and will precisely match surface finishes and colors.


Auto Temp parts make it easier to create comfortable surroundings in all climates without sacrificing visual clarity. Our insulated products greatly reduce infrared radiation, extending the life of interior materials and producing greater fuel efficiency in vehicles.


Auto Temp’s hardware specialists and onsite tooling capabilities drive down customer costs. We expertly affix durable hardware that functions flawlessly in interior and exterior applications and matches the look and texture required by leading manufacturers. Our hardware solutions offer superior service, security and style.


Auto Temp produces assemblies designed with cost efficiency and ease of installation in mind. Our engineers can design custom solutions for complex assemblies using glass bonding, two-part epoxy urethane adhesive or plastic, E-coated metal and aluminum. Our advanced equipment and detail-oriented staff create cost savings by reducing breakage and damage and they maintain one of the industry’s lowest rejection rates.