Tempering & Bending

We manufacture quality-tempered curved glass products for the automotive, construction, agriculture, recreational vehicle, heavy truck, mass transit and appliance sectors.

Decades of Experience
We have more than two decades of experience producing cylindrically-bent parts such as door glass and vents and more than 12 years experience in producing complex bent parts such as automotive backlites and complicated construction and mass transit parts.

Our Equipment
Auto Temp’s manufacturing facility is home to three HTBS furnaces for flat, compound and cylindrical bend applications and two CBTS furnaces to handle complex bends.

Flat, Compound and Cylindrical bends

3 HTBS Furnaces

Max. Size: 1600 mm x 2438 mm
Min. Radius: 1,000 mm

Complex Bends & Shapes

2 CBTS Furnaces

• Sag parts into bending irons
• Run different parts simultaneously

Max Size: 1200 mm x 2000 mm
Max. Depth of Bend: 260 mm