Quality Control

Strict quality control and attention to detail produce reliable performance and long service life, even in harsh environments.

Auto Temp takes a stringent multi stage, ongoing approach to quality control and improvement to ensure all products meet exacting requirements for strength, safety, optical quality and precise fit and form. 

Glass Size Tolerance


Unless otherwise requested by the customer

Glass Form Tolerance


Unless otherwise requested by the customer

Attribute Control

100% visual inspection at three different intervals of processing

Variable Control

Sample inspections at every stage of manufacturing

Optical Distortion + Fragmentation Tests

Performed during the tempering process

Vehicle Test-Fits

Periodic and random vehicle test-fits are performed by both Quality Control and a manufacturing engineer for verification


252,000-Square-Foot Manufacturing Facility

With Advanced Assembly Practices

ECE Certified

For the European marketplace

ANSI/SAE Z26.1 Standards

Certified in Compliance

FMVSS 205 Standards

Certified in Compliance


The quality standard required by all vendors to the automotive industry

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