Cutting, Grinding & Drilling

Auto Temp’s engineering experience and sophisticated technologies allow us to produce complex or basic shapes precisely and cost efficiently. In-house CAD capabilities save time, control costs and ensure each product meets safety and quality standards and match customer specifications.

Our pre-processing department handles short and high-volume runs efficiently with three fully-automatic Bystronic cut/grind lines, one Bando automatic cut/grind line, two Hegla cutters, one bed grinder, high speed grinders, TAC drills and washers.

Automatic Cut/Grind

Bystronics Cut/Grind

3 fully automatic lines, Bando

CNC Work Centers

Pre-Process Line


Bed grinder
high-speed glassline grinder

Pre-Process Line

TAC Drills

2 Double head TAC drills

Pre-Process Line


2 Washers